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Tim Harrison

Professor and Honorary Consultant, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Research Summary

We have explored the therapeutic benefit of increasing the dose of inhaled steroids to prevent the development of asthma exacerbations.

We are currently exploring the mechanisms for therapy resistant asthma and looking at new therapeutic options for these patients

Selected Publications

  • BATEMAN, ERIC D., BUHL, ROLAND, O'BYRNE, PAUL M., HUMBERT, MARC, REDDEL, HELEN K., SEARS, MALCOLM R., JENKINS, CHRISTINE, HARRISON, TIM W., QUIRCE, SANTIAGO, PETERSON, STEFAN and ERIKSSON, GOERAN, 2015. Development and validation of a novel risk score for asthma exacerbations: The risk score for exacerbations JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY. 135(6), 1457-1464

Past Research

We have explored the absorption and systemic effects of inhaled steroids in asthma and COPD and explored the effect of lung function.

Future Research

We are now able to evaluate airway inflammation using multi-flow exhaled NO meters, induced sputum and various airway challenges. research exploring asthma phenotypes and the development of the new treatments are of interest.

Airway phenotyping includes human airway smooth muscle and epithelial cell culture for in-vitro work.

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