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Tina Griffin

Clinical Trial Manager, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Tina Graduated with a degree in Paediatric Medicine from Tbilisi State Medical University. In the UK, she obtained BSc in Medical Science from the University of Birmingham.

Expertise Summary

Tina has an experience in working on both CTIMP, non-CTIMP trials as well as epidemiological studies.

Research Summary

Currently Tina works on PEARLS trial withing the NCTU. The trial aims to assess the effectiveness of proactive versus reactive use of topical corticosteroids (TCS) i. over 12months in reducing… read more

Current Research

Currently Tina works on PEARLS trial withing the NCTU. The trial aims to assess the effectiveness of proactive versus reactive use of topical corticosteroids (TCS) i. over 12months in reducing flares; ii.over 24 months in reducing disease progression, and iii. in terms of cost. Additionally the trial will assess safety over 24 months and to understand acceptability of the treatment - the barriers and facilitators to using prescribed treatment regimens.

Past Research

After graduating from the University of Birmingham Tina initially worked, in 2011, as a Research Assistant at the Human Biomaterial Resource Centre, at Birmingham University. This provided Tina with an excellent opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience in HTA regulated projects, and also crucially, in patient consent. Knowledge, Tina was to go on to use successfully in academic clinical trials. She coordinated the Stratified Medicine Programme (SMP1) - the CRUK pioneering initiative to recruit patients with cancer, which aimed to bring the benefits of genetic testing to solid tumour patients and to demonstrate the feasibility of providing routine molecular diagnosis in an NHS setting. Tina also worked on the SMP1 spin-off programme, SMP2, facilitating patient's transition to the National Lung MATRIX trial.

At the University of Oxford, Tina coordinated a package 4 of a large PGfAR funded programme at the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences (NDORMS), which specialises in the highest quality research in musculoskeletal and inflammatory conditions, with a thriving multidisciplinary team of world leading researchers. The team developed a statistical model to predict surgery outcomes, which was validated by the data derived from the epidemiological study which Tina Coordinated.

Later, as a Research Manager at Leicester Diabetes Centre, University of Leicester, Tina contributed to the direction of the CLAHRC-EM programme, delivering a high-quality, cost-effective randomised clinical trial. The programme provided opportunities to end-users of research and other stakeholders to implement research in health and care settings. Tina was committed towards the development and maintenance of successful partnerships across different stakeholders and public/patient groups.

Tina's experience and knowledge in clinical trials was further consolidated by working at the Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU), University of Birmigham, which has a long and strong track record in delivering a wide range of studies. Tina managed both CTIMP and non-CTIMP trials and contributed to the management of the GlobalSurg portfolio. During her work at the BCTU, Tina liaised closely and effectively with a team of many specialties including, but not limited to, statisticians, programmers, clinicians and quality managers.

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