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Conditions of your offer

All offers made for our Medicine degrees are subject to a series of academic and non-academic conditions. You need to meet these in order to be able to take up your place with us.

Academic conditions

Undergraduate Medicine at the University of Nottingham and University of Lincoln

  • You must meet the grade requirements outlined on UCAS Track before beginning the course.

Graduate Entry Medicine

  • You must meet the degree and any other requirements outlined on UCAS Track by 20 July 2022.
  • You must provide us with any outstanding identity documents by 12 June 2022.
  • The only exception is your degree certificate; we can accept a final ratified transcript of studies if you don't have your degree certificate. We do not accept letters from course leaders or chairs of exam boards. We need to receive the final ratified transcript by 20 July 2022.

Non-academic conditions

Health clearance

You'll be asked to complete an online confidential occupational health questionnaire. This will be sent out from May 2022, you should aim to complete this as quickly as possible to avoid delays with your application. 

The university may need to carry out a full assessment of your support needs in order to ensure that it can fully meet its legal obligations to you. Very occasionally, the university may determine that it is not able to provide the support required, in which case the offer will be withdrawn. 

If you disclose a disability, the University Accessibility Unit may contact you to discuss possible reasonable adjustments.

As part of the health clearance, we need to make sure you're fit to study and fit to practice.


Covid-19 vaccination

From March 2022, the UK government revoked the requirement for students engaged in patient-facing health or social care settings to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. This means that while we still encourage all eligible students to become fully vaccinated, there will be no impediment to you starting your course, regardless of your Covid-19 vaccination status.


Police clearance

All UK medical schools are required to ensure that all medical students undergo police clearance.

You'll need to have an Enhanced DBS check. We'll contact you with more information on the steps you'll need to take before you start your course.

Non-UK residents (excluding the Republic of Ireland) need to obtain a police check from their home country and this must be received by the end of August or, if you're applying for Graduate Entry Medicine, 20 July 2022.

Fitness to train

All UK medical schools have a duty to ensure that no member of the public is harmed as a consequence of participating in the training of medical students.

If your conduct falls below the high standards of behaviour expected, your offer may be revoked.


Follow regulations and policies

Medical students will be expected to comply with regulations and policies required by your local campus. This may include the University of Nottingham, the University of Lincoln, the School of Medicine, and Lincoln Medical School.

We'll provide more detailed information about these regulations and policies will be made available to you when you start your course.

Confirm your fee status

Undergraduate medicine

Your fee status must have been confirmed by 10 December 2021.

If we haven't been able to confirm your fee status, we'll send you a questionnaire to complete. We need to receive the complete questionnaire by 1 August 2022.

Graduate Entry Medicine

Your fee status must be confirmed before you're invited to an interview. We'll send you a fee status questionnaire before you're interviewed and we'll ask you to complete and return this within two weeks of receipt.

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