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Widening participation

The School of Medicine adopted a Widening Participation Strategy in 2015 with the aim to increase the number of entrants to medicine programmes from local, widening participation backgrounds, to support their progress and attainment at Nottingham, and to facilitate career decisions that include training and practice within the region.


In particular, the objectives are: 

  • To establish an integrated outreach programme for pupils from WP backgrounds in the region
  • To increase the success of local WP pupils in entering medicine at Nottingham
  • To develop a network of general practices providing structured clinical work experience
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of WP entrants, and develop support mechanisms 
  • To facilitate experience and clinical placements that mirror local student home geography
  • To encourage and support career choices for foundation and postgraduate training within the area

This strategy matches the aims of the national Selecting for Excellence project and the Department of Health, to double the proportion of medical students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The plan is to integrate diverse activities, for local pupils from WP backgrounds, into a co-ordinated outreach programme, that forms a ‘Pathway to Medicine’ in years 12 and 13.

In addition, the School of Medicine is expanding the number of places available on the six-year medicine programme (i.e. including a foundation year) from 10 to 25, and carefully considering how to use WP contextual information (e.g. family, neighbourhood, school) in admissions to the five-year medicine course.





Support for prospective medical students from under-represented backgrounds 

Six-year undergraduate entry medicine course with foundation year

Designed to widen participation, this course is for students who have not been to university previously. Students will begin with a foundation year and then follow the same structure as the A100 five-year course.

Widening access to medical school (WAMS)

WAMS is run by current medical students and their programmes include:

  1. Mock interviews workshops
  2. UKCAT Test preparation workshops
  3. Work experience in partnership with Nottingham University Hospitals
  4. E-mentoring for Year 11 and 12 students in Nottinghamshire  

Summer schools

The University runs two summer school programmes for high-achieving Year 12 students to experience higher education and receive support in the application process.

For dates, eligibility and other details relevant to applying for medicine, please see the links below:

  1. The Nottingham Potential Summer School 
  2. The University of Nottingham Sutton Trust Summer School


The University runs a wide range of outreach activities through engagement programmes with primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. These include:

Visit the Schools Liaison website.




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