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Postgraduate research

Research students in the School of Medicine are at the heart of a thriving research community. Your studies at Nottingham will contribute to important questions facing patients, medical and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Why Nottingham?

World-leading research

The School of Medicine carries out world-leading research and provides outstanding research supervision and education in a wide range of subjects from medical engineering, imaging, stem cell culture, epidemiology, computational modelling to clinical medicine.

Wide-ranging research opportunities

We can offer postgraduate research opportunities (PhD, MPhil, MRes, DM, DClinPsy, DForenPsy, Mphil and MRes) to students who have graduated in a variety of undergraduate subjects, such as microbiology, statistics, science and geography and medicine. 

Self-funded PhD projects are always available within our research groups and divisions. 

Funded studentships are also often available. 

Find your area of research interest.  


Training opportunities

Postgraduate research students in the School of Medicine undertake a programme of formal training to enhance their research and career development, which is tailored to their individual needs.

Students have the opportunity to attend national and international conferences and external training courses. Funding is supported by a dedicated doctoral student development and activity fund.


Mentoring and peer support

The School of Medicine is committed to providing support to PhD students across the course of their research studies. 

Peer support groups have been established to encourage students in all years of their studies to contribute to regular meetings covering issues such as tips for writing up and preparing for the viva. The topics are determined by the students in the group.

Further, PhD students entering their second year of full-time study (or equivalent for part-time students) are encouraged to sign up to the formal Mentoring Scheme within the School of Medicine which offers one to one mentoring by a trained member of staff.


Links with the Queen's Medical Centre (QMC) and NHS partners

The diverse and collaborative nature of our research and our association with the QMC - one of the largest hospitals in the UK - creates wonderful opportunities for our research students to access leading academics and clinicians and make use of extensive specialist research facilities.

Learn more about our NHS partnerships.


What our students say

Our PhD students talk about what it's like to study at the School of Medicine and Nottingham. They also share their top tips for PhD applications and making the most of your PhD studies at the University.





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