Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Ethics Committee

This committee meets 9-10 times a year to consider research projects involving healthy human volunteers. The main objectives of the committee are to:

  • maintain ethical standards of practice in research
  • protect subjects of research from harm
  • preserve the subjects' rights, welfare and dignity
  • provide reassurance to the public that the above is being done

For current application forms

Please e-mail fmhs-researchethics@nottingham.ac.uk giving a brief outline of what your study is about so we can send you the correct forms and templates.

For studies involving NHS, or NOMS staff, patients, prisoners, young offenders, premises, data, or records

It is important that you first contact the University of Nottingham Research Governance team who co-ordinate research done in collaboration with these bodies by students and staff of the University. Please e-mail sponsor@nottingham.ac.uk giving an outline of what and who your study involves.  They will then be able to advise you on what you need to do.

Committee meeting dates for 2019/2020 sessions

Committee meetingDeadline for application submissions
Friday 16 August Monday 5 August
Friday 20 September Monday 9 September
Friday 18 October Monday 7 October
Friday 8 November Monday 28 October
Friday 13 December Monday 02 December
Friday 24 January Monday 13 January
Friday 21 February Monday 10 February
Friday 20 March Monday 9 March
Friday 24 April Thursday 9 April
Friday 22 May Monday 11 May
Friday 12 June Monday 1 June
Friday 10 July Monday 29 June

Please submit applications by e-mail as one collated attachment in word or pdf format to: fmhs-researchethics@nottingham.ac.uk.

Ethics Committee 



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