Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
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Male postgraduate student filling test tubes in a fume hood

Our research

With a focus on making a real-life impact to patients and the public. We use advanced research facilities and associated expertise to underpin the cutting-edge research we do.

Research in the faculty covers a wide range of topics from basic science, to translational research and applied clinical activity.

Discover our research

Mental Health Nursing students talking in an examination room

Health sciences research

Professor Nigel Minton plate streaking on agar gel in petri dishes in an anaerobic cabinet

Life science research

Dr Bethan Davies working with Professor Chris Hollis to analyse brain pattern

Medicine research

Female research fellow streaking plates for single colony isolation

Veterinary research


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

University of Nottingham
Medical School
Queen's Medical Centre
Nottingham, NG7 2UH

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