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The School of Life Sciences is the main focus for biological and biomedical research at the University.

Our aims are delivered by four divisions, which reflect our research strengths and represent disciplines in which we have critical mass. Each division promotes individual excellence, fosters team science and multidisciplinary activity, and encourage international collaboration in the pursuit of world changing research.

A man doing genetics work

Cells, Organisms and Molecular Genetics

A student using a microscope

Infections, Immunity and Microbes

A stuent pipetting in front of a large selection of drugs and reagents

Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience



Medicine and wellbeing impact studies

Close up of a baby's face with skin condition

Improving the lives of countless people suffering from skin disease

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Barbara Morera Maiquez researcher at the University of Nottingham

Setting Tourette’s sufferers free

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Matt Brookes researcher at the University of Nottingham

A quantum leap for brain imaging

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