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Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience life as a student in a another country. The University of Nottingham has an extensive network of exchange links with overseas universities which are available to our students.  Natural Sciences is available as both a BSc and an MSci with a year of international study. These programmes can be applied to directly through UCAS or students can transfer from the main programme prior to December of the second year of study. 

There is an annual Study Abroad Fair which gives interested students an opportunity to speak to students who have studied abroad, discover what the different partner institutions can offer them and find out more about the application process.  Studying abroad does not necessarily cost any more than studying in the UK and there are a number of grants, bursaries and scholarships which can help you to fund your studies abroad.  

Students on both the BSc and the MSci apply during their second year to spend their third year overseas at one of our partner universities. Studying abroad as an additonal year broadens the possibilities for what you can study overseas and allows you to take full advantage of the opportunity to expand your horizons. You return to Nottingham following your year abroad to complete you final year or years of study.  

University-Wide Programme

The University-wide programme offers students the opportunity to study abroad at one of our Worldwide Partner Universities.  Partners include: 

Australia: University of Western Australia; University of Sydney; University of Newcastle (New South Wales)

New Zealand: University of Auckland; University of Canterbury (Christchurch)

USA: Oregon State University; University of Virginia; University of South Florida

Canada: McGill University (Montreal); University of British Columbia; University of Toronto

South Africa: University of Cape Town

South Korea: Korea University

Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong

Singapore: National University of Singapore

This is a competitive programme and in order to be considered applicants are required to have attained a mimimum of a 60% average; have a good academic reference (from their personal tutor or similar) and provide a well-written personal statement to support their application.   

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Student Profile
Lauren in the US
Lauren James
MSci Natural Sciences


I am currently studying the third year of Natural Sciences degree in the USA at Bucknell University, Pennsylvania on the Universitas 21 exchange. It is a challenging experience but one which I am finding thrilling and think will stand me in good stead for the future.

It’s very different. American Universities try to develop a lot more skills than just learning scientific theory. At first I found it frustrating because I knew that I wasn’t learning as much as I had done at Nottingham. But now, looking back, I  know how to apply my knowledge to analyse the portrayal of the science in the media, give opinions on relevant political treaties, peer review papers, and apply to theory to computational models.









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