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Emma Weston

Director of Natural Sciences - Dr Emma Weston

I have oversight of the entire Natural Sciences programme, managing the relationships with the contributing Schools and ensuring that the programme runs effectively. I work with colleagues across the university to put together an exciting curriculum that students can tailor to their interests and interdisciplinary training that equips scientists to meet the urgent challenges facing humanity.

With a technical, industrial management background I have an interest in development of the broader skills and competencies that graduates need to thrive in their future careers, such as problem solving and working effectively with others.  I coordinate the Synoptic module, where our students work in groups to research an active interdisciplinary problem or challenge and think about how they can further our scientific understanding so that, collectively, we get closer to unlocking solutions. 

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Associate Director of Natural Sciences - Dr Barbara Villa Marcos

I am the Admissions Tutor for Natural Sciences, speaking to prospective students at events and school visits and making decisions on applications that we receive. I am also responsible for the personal tutoring system: ensuring students are allocated to tutors, monitoring the process, managing communication with tutors and students and making sure that you feel fully supported throughout your time at Nottingham.

My background is in organometallic chemistry, devising novel asymmetric catalysts to efficiently yield single-handed chiral molecules, pivotal in sustainable pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. I am involved with teaching organic chemistry to Natural Science students with chemistry subject in their stream and on Nottingham Futures, a module where I encourage students to think about how current research and interdisciplinary approaches can be used to tackle some of the big problems affecting Nottingham.

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Student Experience Manager - Kate Tape

I am responsible for students from when they apply to when they finish. I organise activities, communications and events to welcome students when they arrive, support them while they are here and stay connected once they have graduated. I work alongside the Peer Mentors and NatSci Soc to create a strong Natural Sciences Community. I also work with colleagues across the Faculty, and in other services to ensure Natural Sciences students feel part of the wider Nottingham community and have access to the full range of experiences and opportunities while they are here.  

My teaching revolves entirely around skills; making sure that students have what they need to be successful in their studies as well as planning for the future with skills they might need for their career.  

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Subject Advisors

Each of our contributing subject areas has an associated contact person who works with the course staff on the curriculum and provides advice and guidance to students studying those subjects. 

Holly Miller

Archaeology Subject Advisor

Dr Holly Miller



Biology Subject Advisor

Dr Hanna Hartikainen


Sheela sized

Cancer Science Subject Advisor

Dr Sheela Jayaraman


Andrew_72.jpg (thumbnail)

Chemistry Subject Advisor

Dr Andrew Teale


salimalam1 sized

Environmental Science Subject Advisor

 Dr Salim Alam


stephendugdale sized

Geography Subject Advisor

Dr Steve Dugdale


Mathematics Subject Advisor

Dr Christian Wuthrich



Physics and Astronomy Subject Advisor

Dr Philip Hawker


Debbie Serrien

Psychology Subject Advisor

 Dr Deborah Serrien



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