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Salim Alam

Assistant Professor in Atmospheric Sciences, Faculty of Science



Dr Salim Alam completed his BSc Chemistry with Pharmacology (2006) and PhD Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (2011) at the University of Birmingham, UK. He continued at the University of Birmingham as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for 10 years working on various modelling, analytical and environmental chemistry projects in collaboration with internationally leading institutions from around the world. In 2021 Dr Alam joined The University of Nottingham as an Assistant Professor in Atmospheric Sciences.

Expertise Summary

His research develops the understanding of key atmospheric chemical processes which control the current and future composition of the air, and their associated impacts on human health, the environment and climate. This includes developing novel analytical methodologies for the comprehensive characterisation of traditional and alternative energy production emissions - from vehicle dynamometer studies to industrial emissions. His work also investigates the sources, transformations, and fates of air pollutants and emerging contaminants in the environment - assessing rural areas to developing Megacities and applying air quality science to improve mitigation strategies.

Teaching Summary

Dr Alam contributes to the following teaching modules:

- Urban Environment (Module convenor)

- Climate Change Science

- Climate Atmosphere and Oceans

- Global Environmental Processes

- Research Projects in Environmental Science

- Tutorials in Environmental Science

Research Summary

My research is in the field of analytical and atmospheric chemistry - understanding the chemical processes which control the current and future composition of our atmosphere.

These problems are addressed through a combination of field measurements, laboratory studies and modeling simulations for comparison with observations. My interests include:

- Air quality, energy and human health impacts in developing countries

- Emissions and atmospheric processes of primary and secondary pollution

- Novel instrumentation/methods to measure understudied components of the atmosphere

- Chamber simulation experiments, large-scale field projects and laboratory studies

- Impacts of traditional and alternative energy production/use on air quality, climate change and public health

Selected Publications

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Past Research

Dr Alam has been involved in many major international projects, a summary of some of the major projects are outlined below:

- Integrated research observation system for clean air (OSCA, 2019 - ) NERC

- An integrated study of air pollution sources in Delhi (ASAP-Delhi, 2018 - 2022) NERC

- Fundamental studies of the sources, properties and environmental behaviour of diesel exhaust nanoparticles from road vehicles (FASTER, 2013 - 2018) ERC

- Sources and atmospheric processes determining airborne concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) & their degradation products (SPADE, 2011 - 2013) NERC

- Assessment of polyaromatic hydrocarbons exposure among school children living in a polluted part of Jeddah - Saudi Arabia (2012 - 2013)

- Bimolecular Reactions of Stabilised Criegee Intermediates (SCI): Implications for Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate (2013) NERC

- The atmospheric chemistry of methyl chavicol (AtChem, 2012 - 2013) EC - TNA

- Nitrogen dioxide measurement interference (NOxINT, 2011 - 2012) EC - TNA

- The total radical production and degradation products from alkene ozonolysis (TRAPOZ, 2007 - 2011) NERC

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