The National Centre for Macromolecular Hydrodynamics

Biomolecular Technology MRes: research training and degree in Macromolecular Biotechnology for Biopharma, Healthy Food or Bioarchaeology

This course can be done at Nottingham or fully/partially by Distance Learning & Research: Course prospectus

September intake
 BIOS4074 Fundamentals of Biomolecular Technology (10 credits)
 BIOS4151 Advanced Practical Methods in Biopharma and Food Sciences (10 credits)
 BIOS4006 Basic Laboratory Techniques (10 credits)
 BIOS4004 Antibody Biotechnology (10 credits)
 BIOS4005 Glycan Biotechnology (10 credits)
 BUSI4570 Technology Entrepreneurship  or  BIOS4028 Genetic Analysis & Bioinformatics (10 credits)
  Research (Spring Semester & Summer Period)

This 120 credit Research module (BIOS4152) can be in one of the following general areas: Biopharma/Healthcare; the Business of Biochemistry, Biopharmaceutics and Biotechnology; Healthy Foods; Biomolecular Archaeology or Macromolecular Biotechnology.  It can be done in conjunction, wholly or partly with Industry and it can involve an Industrial Placement.   The placement / project will be initiated in consultation with an industrial supervisor and the Placement / Project officer before the start of the Spring semester, in order for the student to find the necessary background information about the project and the company.   The module can be done by distance learning and research (in an approved laboratory environment).

The dissertation will be in the form of two papers - a Review paper and a related Experimental Research paper.  There will also be associated Research Tutorials and a Presentation and viva voce examination with the External examiner:

  1. Research Tutorials: worth 5% of the module
  2. Review paper: students submit a Review by 1st June (this will be Part A of the Dissertation): worth 40% of the module
  3. Experimental research paper: students to submit by the beginning of the 2nd week in September (this will be Part B of the Dissertation): worth 40% of the module
  4. Research presentation and viva: to be held usually at the end of the 2nd week of September: worth 15% of the module



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