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Jasmin Ali

Jasim Ali

Deputy manager of Anbar Water Resources Directorate, Iraq. 

Supervisors: Prof. Stuart Marsh and Prof. Martin Smith

Personal Biography 

I studied the spatial and temporal change of three types of Urban Heat Island (UHI). The Surface Urban Heat Island (SUHI) and Canopy Urban Heat Island (CUHI) are common UHI phenomena; however, the Radiant Urban Heat Island (RUHI) was proposed as a new type of UHI. Surface temperature, air temperature, and mean radiant temperature were used as indicators to measure the SUHI, CUHI, and RUHI respectively. Visual, statistical and microclimate approaches were carried out to increase the spatial and temporal resolution of the UHI modelling.

The modelling approaches employed the integration of remote sensing, GIS, and ground measurements to improve the 2D and 3D representation of the UHI. Furthermore, the influencing parameters on the formation of the three types of UHI were investigated. The research aim was to produce an integrated approach that improves the low spatial or temporal coverage of UHI models in the literature. Moreover, it quantified the causative parameters on the formation of UHI, and proposed mitigation strategies accordingly. 

Future studies will adopt finer spatial resolution of multi day and night thermal images; coincide with high spatial resolution of visible to shortwave images. The later should be classified to have detailed LULC maps that provide information about the nature of ground surface materials. Furthermore, geometrical and demographical information will be incorporated to derive the influencing parameters as well as land cover indices. Furthermore, the effects of total anthropogenic heat fluxes on the UHI formation should be identified.








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