School of Nursing Videoconferencing Project

The School of Nursing is running a project on Videoconferencing (VC), with the primary aims being to:

The project is funded by the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Reusable Learning Objects (RLO-CETL), of which the School is a major partner. Closely associated with the VC project is a 2 year R&D project, led by Brenda Rush and funded by the Visual Learning Lab CETL (VLL-CETL), whose lead institution is the University of Nottingham, on the Teaching and Learning Observatory (TLO), the aim of which is to:

Videoconferencing Project website

Using and booking VC equipment

The School has now deployed mobile videoconferencing equipment at each Centre, which can be used for meetings or teaching. Any member of School staff can book a videoconference to connect two or more School centres, and/or a remote site. Click on the link below to go to the online booking form:

Videoconference booking form

VC Open Day

To jointly launch these projects, a Videoconferencing Open Day was held at QMC on 1st February 2007. Selected presentations from this day are linked to below:

Further information

If you would like to discuss your ideas on how to use VC in teaching and learning please contact