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The Nanoscale and Microscale Research Centre (nmRC) is a cross-disciplinary facility dedicated to supporting and promoting world-leading nanoscience and materials characterisation. 





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Our annual art competition is open for entries with prizes on offer!

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The Nanoscale & Microscale Research Centre (nmRC) is delighted to announce three funded summer research projects are now available to current University of Nottingham Undergraduates.

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March 2024's Under the Microscope winning suggestion is revealed.


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 Recent Publications

Nitrogen vacancy defects in single-particle nanodiamonds sense paramagnetic transition metal spin noise from nanoparticles on a transmission electron microscopy grid, Flinn B. T., Radu V., Fay M. W., Tyler A. J., Pitcairn J., Cliffe M. J., Weare B. L., Stoppiello C. T., Mather M. L., Khlobystov A. N., Nanoscale Advances, 5, 6423-6434, 2023.

Evalualtion of cell disruption technologies on magnetosome chain length and aggregation behaviour from Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense MSR-1, Masó-Martínez M., Fryer B., Aubert D., Peacock B., Lees R., Rance G. A., Fay M. W., Topham P. D., Fernández-Castané A., Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol., 11, 1172457, 2023.

Rapid microwave synthesis of sustainable magnetic framework composites of UTSA-16(Zn) with Fe3O4 nanoparticles for efficient CO2 capture, Woodliffe J. L., Johnston A.-L., Fay M., Ferrari R., Gomes R. L., Lester E., Ahmed I., Laybourn A., Materials Advances, 22, 2023.

Selective Excitation of Pd-decorated Titania Enables Consecutive C-C Couplings and Hydrogenations under Ambient Conditions, Whitehead R. Z., Norman L. T., Cull W. J., Alves Fernandes J., Lanterna A. E., ChemCatChem, 15 (21), e202300528, 2023.

Unravelling synergistic effects in bi-metallic catalysts: deceleration of palladium-gold nanoparticle coarsening in the hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde, Pinto J., Weilhard A., Norman L. T., Lodge R. W., Rogers D. M., Gual A., Cano I., Khlobystov A. N., Licence P., Alves Fernandes J., Catalysis Science & Technology, 14, 2023.

Rapid synthesis of magnetic microspheres and the development of new macro-micro hierarchically porous magnetic framework composites, Woodliffe J. L., Molinar-Díaz J., Towhidul Islam M., Stevens L. A., Wadge M. D., Rance G. A., Ferrari R., Ahmed I., Laybourn A., Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, 14705-14719, 2023.

Subnanometer-Wide Indium Selenide Nanoribbons, Cull W. J., Skowron S. T., Hayter R., Stoppiello C. T., Rance G. A., Biskupek J., Kudrynskyi Z. R., Kovalyul Z. D., Allen C. S., Slater T. J. A., Kaiser U., Patanè A., Khlobystov A. N., ACS Nano, 17 (6), 6062-6072, 2023.

Sustained Release of Dexamethasone from 3D-Printed Scaffolds Modulates Macrophage Activation and Enhances Osteogenic Differentiation, Majrashi M., Kotowska A., Scurr D., Hicks J. M., Ghaemmaghami A., Yang J., ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2023.

SiC/YAG composite coatings by a novel liquid fuelled high velocity oxy-fuel suspension thermal spray, Venturi F., Rincón Romero A., Hussain T., Surface and Coatings Technology, 471, 129865, 2023.

Identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa exopolysaccharide PsI in biofilms using 3D OrbiSIMS, Khateb H., Hook A. L., Kern S., Watts J. A., Singh S., Jackson D., Marinez-Pomares L., Williams P., Alexander M. R., Biointerphases, 18, 031007, 2023.

Toward Comprehensive Analysis of the 3D Chemistry of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms, Kotowska A. M., Zhang J., Carabelli A., Watts J., Aylott J. W., Gilmore I. S., Williams P., Scurr D. J., Alexander M. R., Analytical Chemistry, 95, 49, 18287-18294, 2023.


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