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Under the Microscope

Daffodil_019_YELLOW_no scale
Daffodil pollen imaged using SEM

Under the Microscope is a public engagement initiative that asks the public what they would like to see imaged using our techniques. Each month we select an idea and investigate its structure at the microscale. To submit your idea for Under the Microscope, visit our page here

Science festivals and events

Festival of Science and Curiosity 2024

We have delivered content and events as part of festivals such as the Festival of Science and Curiosity. These activities have included stands demonstrating the different types of microscopy, and live streaming of electron microscopy direct into classrooms.

Work experience placements and shadowing

Scanning electron microscopy demonstration to Y10 students
The nmRC has welcomed students of various age groups to engage with work experience / shadowing days. These include: practical demonstrations, careers talks, and facility tours.

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Testimonial for Festival of Science and Curiosity 2024 


We are delighted to have had the opportunity to take part in the Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity 2024. Luke and the wider team from the Nanoscale and Microscale Research Centre, delivered a lesson entitled ‘Under the Microscope Live’ where the children selected everyday items such as blossom petal, fizzy cola bottle sweets, a coin, a pair of crocs to view under the microscope. The children (and staff) were both intrigued and surprised by what they saw. We are so grateful for this experience as sometimes in Alternative Provision settings we can be overlooked. This was a really lovely event and developed our children’s intellectual curiosity! They don’t always get the opportunity to have Science on their timetables so this was a really valuable and authentic experience for them. Thank you!
Lucy Wellings, Head of Education, TBAC Alternative Provision, Nottingham