Guidance for New University of Nottingham Users

We look forward to welcoming you to the Nanoscale and Microscale Research Centre (nmRC) in Cripps South Building, University Park campus. The nmRC has over 20 major instruments and in order for us to determine which instrument (and allied expertise) is required to successfully enable your research, we require that you complete the following guidance. The nmRC uses an instrument booking system called PPMS to enable you to make bookings on equipment and log any training we deliver. Health and Safety training is delivered through a different system called Moodle.   University of Nottingham staff and students can register to access the nmRC via the following steps:

  1. Create a new user account on the nmRCs PPMS booking system, this will use your usual University of Nottingham login credentials. This will then go to the nmRC for approval.
  2. Self-enrol on the Nanoscale and Microscale Research Centre (nmRC) (UNUK) module on Moodle. 
  3. Once your PPMS access has been approved, please go to the Request tab and fill in details for a training request. Please fill in this form even if you do not wish to have training but would like a member of the team to run samples on your behalf (please add this into this description). A member of the nmRC team will review your request and will be in contact. Please make sure to fill in as much detail as possible on the Request training form to avoid delays in our response. 
  4. If training is an appropriate route, you will be added to an instrument specific Moodle group by an nmRC staff member where there is an additional health and safety induction to complete.
  5. Once the Moodle is completed, your training sessions will be arranged, and you will be instructed on next steps by the appropriate nmRC staff member. Researchers are considered either novice or autonomous users on instruments. Please note that until you are a novice user, you will not be able to see the booking calendar for the instrument. 
  6. Card access to the nmRC building can also be requested through the PPMS booking system under the Request tab. It can take up for a week for access to be granted, please note that once access is granted the request is removed from the system (it will often say that it has been 'rejected' but please ignore this).

If you would like to discuss your request with a member of staff, then please follow this link to find out who to contact at the nmRC.

The nmRC is in the Cripps South Building (building 53) on the University Park campus - more directions and maps can be found here.

Access and finding the nmRC

The Centre is a multi-disciplinary facility, and we welcome enquiries from within the University of Nottingham, the wider academic community, and from industry.

Having previously been hosted in the Physics Building from 2007 to 2015, the Centre has now moved to the Cripps South building (building 53) on the University Park campus (formerly the Cripps Computing Centre) - more directions and maps can be found here.

For all general enquiries about access to nmRC facilities, including cost estimates, please contact Dr Gemma Skelton.

Outside view of Cripps building, University of Nottingham
The nmRC is based at the Cripps South Building, University Park, Nottingham