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Accurion nanofilm_ep4 Imaging Elipsometer


The Accurion nanofilm_ep4 imaging elipsometer allows for precise measurement of thickness and optical properties of thin films. Unlike conventional elipsometry, imaging elipsometry is able to produce maps of a sample showing how these properties vary across the surface. We are the first facility to be able to offer imaging elipsometry in the UV range.

Its features include:

- Spectral range of between 190nm - 1000nm

- Can measure at a wide range of angles

- Lateral resolution of <5um allowing for precise mapping of an area

- A range of objectives allowing for a range of FOV and resolutions

- Fully automated measurements allowing for overnight experiments

- Full data processing and modelling software

- Located within a class 4 cleanroom to virtually remove risk of contamination

 In addition to the basic set up we have two temperature controlled cells allowing us to meaure fluids, make electrochemical measurements and study surface plasmon resonance. These are particularly useful for studies of self-assembled monlayers etc.

Example uses are

- It is possible to use the imaging elipsometer to measure the thickness of flakes of HBN on SiO2.

- After a large area is scanned, a region of interest is selected then mapped.

- Two different models for the in plane and out of plane properties of HBN are used.

- These can be used to calculate the thickness of the flake.

The area in the green box was found to have a thickness of 21.7 +/- 0.4nm. 






The funding of the Accurion nanofilm_ep4 imaging elipsometer was made possible by the Propulsion Futures Beacon

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