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Maria Toledo_web
Webinar How to grow your 'growth mindset'

Join university expert Dr Maria Toledo-Rodriguez to learn how to train your brain into a 'growth mindset' and embrace opportunities which come your way.

Career advice Personal development
Julie Littlewood web
Webinar How to build your career confidence

Personal Performance Coach Julie Littlewood (Biomedical Sciences, 1999) explains how to build confidence in your own abilities and take the next step, wherever you are in your career.

Career advice Personal development


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Article Nottingham graduate is world's oldest professional cricketer - officially!

Meet Sally Barton (Maths, 1978), who recently was bestowed the accolade of being the world's oldest professional cricketer at 67 years young!

Alumni interview
Professor Shearer West VC-1200
Article Update from University Council

After seven years as President and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Nottingham, Professor Shearer West will be stepping down from her position in November.

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