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Our speaker Anna Mosley
Webinar New! How to embrace and overcome imposter syndrome

Anna Mosley (Management and French, 2005), a leading Performance & Mindset Coach, lends a fresh perspective to overcoming imposter syndrome.

Jacky Francis Walker
Webinar How to banish burnout

Our alumni expert Jacky Francis Walker (Counselling Studies, 1999) shares the tell tale signs of burnout and provides techniques to prevent it happening at all.

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Article Embracing and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Insights from Anna Mosley

Gain invaluable insights into overcoming imposter syndrome with high performance coach Anna Mosley. Explore the intricate relationship between thoughts, beliefs, and actions, and discover how to challenge limiting beliefs to achieve extraordinary success.

Royal Standard flag
Article Professor Matt Brookes and Nottingham alumni recognised in King's New Year Honours

Huge congratulations to our alumni recognised for their achievements in the King's New Year Honours earlier this month.


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