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Meet our Ambassadors 
CountryCity Name Degree and year of graduation LinkedIn profile
Canada Toronto Sanjana Ahmed PhD Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2019 LinkedIn
Canada Toronto Kazi Atusha (Atusha) Civil Engineering, 2018 LinkedIn
Canada Toronto Sandy Malhi Public Health, 2005 LinkedIn
Canada Toronto Rajiv Reebye BMBS Medicine, 2000  LinkedIn
Canada Toronto Karla Sealy Public Policy, 2006 LinkedIn
Canada Vancouver Veronica Kim Work and Organisational Psychology, 2019 LinkedIn
Canada Vancouver Tim Loblaw Education, 2018 LinkedIn
Ghana  Accra  Nii Anumnyam Nelson MSc Finance and Investment, 2020 LinkedIn
England London Ivy Roy Economic Development and Policy Analysis, 2016 LinkedIn
India Bangalore Suveena Kasat Architecture Design, 2008 LinkedIn
India Bangalore Ram Shenai MBA, 2006 LinkedIn
India Chennai  Ankit Mohata Finance, Accounting and Management, 2013 LinkedIn
India Mumbai Punya Bhandari  Finance and Investment LinkedIn
India Mumbai Varun Kajava Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management, 2019 LinkedIn
India Mumbai Adwait Khandelwal Management, 2021 LinkedIn
India Mumbai Bhumika Negandhi Finance and Investment, 2020 LinkedIn
India New Delhi Shivali Chaudhary International Law, 2011 LinkedIn
India New Delhi Shivangi Pershad Management, 2017 LinkedIn
India New Delhi Ila Tyagi Law, 2016 LinkedIn
India New Delhi Harsh Varshneya Sustainable Tall Buildings, 2014 LinkedIn
India Pune Shruti Jagdale Food Production Management, 2020 LinkedIn
India Pune Hrishikesh Sherikar Crop Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, 2012 LinkedIn
Indonesia Bandung Hana Agustina PhD Nursing Studies, 2021 LinkedIn
Indonesia Bandung Wirda Khasanah Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching, 2021 LinkedIn
Indonesia Jakarta Surya Nilasari (Nila) Education, 2020 LinkedIn
Indonesia Jakarta Agung Pamungkas International Social Policy, 2014 LinkedIn
Kenya  Nairobi Eric Masika PhD Chemistry, 2012 LinkedIn
Nigeria Abuja Joshua Idoko International Law and Development, 2018 LinkedIn
Nigeria Abuja Mary Maikano International Commercial Law, 2015 LinkedIn
Nigeria Ibadan Tomilayo Adekanye PhD Agricultural Economics, 1974  
Nigeria Lagos

Etieno Ekarika

Public Health, 2021 LinkedIn 
Nigeria Lagos Oluwatoyin Emmanuel-Olubake Mechanical Engineering, 2004 LinkedIn
Nigeria Lagos Tobi Odukoya Agriculture, 2007 LinkedIn
Nigeria Minna Abdulrazak Otaru PhD Mechanical Engineering, 2018 LinkedIn
Nigeria Port Harcourt Mary Abetang Education, 2019 LinkedIn
Nigeria Port Harcourt Issac Tamuno-Opubo Adoki  Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering, 2010 LinkedIn 
Singapore Singapore Michelle Low Law, 2016 LinkedIn
Singapore Singapore Pascal Samsoon Finance, Accounting and Management, 2012 LinkedIn
Singapore Singapore Anne Tan Manufacturing Engineering and Management, 1999  LinkedIn
Singapore Singapore Clarissa-Anne Teo International Media and Communication Studies, 2017 LinkedIn
South Africa Johannesburg Governor Manganye MSc Economics of Monetary and Financial Policy, 2020 LinkedIn
USA Los Angeles Jo Sippetts Human Geography, 2022 LinkedIn
USA New York Sophie Bennett Environmental Science, 2014 LinkedIn
USA Washington DC Robert Pinn German with Dutch, 2016 LinkedIn
USA Washington DC Roza Vasileva PhD Digital Economy, 2022 LinkedIn   


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