Nottingham is the place where so many friendships first began. We're here to help you keep connected (or reconnect!) with alumni across our community.

Whether you need some advice on the current Nottingham hotspots to gather with your friends or want to organise something more formal on our campuses we're here to help.

A few things to consider

Why are you organising the event?

What is the reason for getting people together? Are you celebrating a graduation anniversary, do you want to revisit old haunts on campus or simply want to reconnect with your classmates? The reason usually shapes the theme of the event. 

When do you plan on hosting the event?

Choosing the right date and time is important. Events during public holidays and in the week can sometimes be difficult as guests may have other plans.    

Where would you like the event to take place?

Will the event be in the UK, overseas, on campus or in your back garden? Wherever it is going to be held, we'd love to hear about it and give you the support you need.

Who would you like to attend the event? 

Are you in touch with your proposed guests or would you like our support to make contact with a specific group? It's up to you who you'd like to invite – whether it's old classmates, neighbours from halls or friends who started in the same year!

How we can support you

Our Alumni Engagement team are available to help you through the process. We can provide support by:  

  • Putting you in touch with the University Conferences team, who can help you to plan the event logistics for on-campus reunions. They will provide support with venue hire and catering.
  • Sending out your event invitations to guests via email or on social media, if appropriate.