Rapid E-Learning: Examples

Below are some examples of e-learning materials developed by non-technical staff in the School of Nursing and at other institutions using the rapid e-learning methods outlined in the introduction to this section:

Powerpoint to Flash

Articulate Presenter

The learning objects below were developed in Powerpoint and Articulate Presenter by Richard Windle, with narration, and use many extra features found in Articulate to 'spiff up' the Powerpoint presentations.


Introduction to SONET-ARC. An example application of iSpring created by Richard Windle, with narration.

Screen capture movies


Search strategy for locating Randomised Controlled Trials. This learning object, developed in 2005, includes, in section 5, a screen recording created by the author, Fiona Bath-Hextall, in Camtasia.

Essential MathsLink to external site, outside of the University of Nottingham.. A set of learning objects for maths learning in the Life Sciences, mainly GCSE level. The objects comprise many Camtasia movies developed as Powerpoint presentations to which narration was added then converted to "screencasts" in Camtasia. Developed by Jenny Koenig at Cambridge University.


How to conduct a literature search. This RLO, and its companion follow-up Advanced Literature Searching, uses Captivate movies extensively. The movies were recorded and edited by the School's Learning Technologist, Fred Riley, and incorporated into Flash movies by the developer Liz Hilton, so they're not examples of non-technical authoring. They do show, though, what Captivate can produce.

Interactivity tools/utilities

Xerte Toolkits

Qualitative Data Analysis. An example produced with the 'default' Xerte Toolkits template.

Structures of the Brain. An example of the Interactive Diagram template.

Virtual Portfolio Tool. The outcome of a custom template developed for this School.

Hot Potatoes

Drug-receptor interaction. This learning object includes, in the Assessment section, a crossword created with Hot Potatoes.


Moving and handling in emergency situations. This learning object includes many streaming videos, and an embedded Eclipse crossword.