RLO: Childhood obesity


Childhood obesity is now seen as part of a world wide epidemic. 

Figures show that between 1995 and 2006, the percentage of boys in England aged two to ten years who were overweight or obese increased from 22% to 29%, while for girls the figures rose from 23% to 26%. The current government recognise that these increases have serious long term implications, not only for societal health but for the country’s economic well-being, and are keen to address the complex issues raised by its continued prevalence.

How we identify, describe and explain obesity, however, will have significant impact on the education we offer and the treatments we give.

This RLO intends to explore the complex nature of any preventative work undertaken, and the need for all agencies to work together to implement a cohesive planned initiative to counter the obesity crisis, rather than a fragmented response to an individual child’s weight ‘problem’.


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