EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership


The EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) plays a significant role in the University's postgraduate research strategy. 

Students are at the centre of this process, which aims to provide a supportive yet challenging research environment, instil new ways of working and develop independence alongside fostering collaboration.

This delivers highly skilled researchers that have both local and global impact, contributing to the economic competitiveness of the UK on the international stage. 

Our high quality research training is aligned to EPSRC priority areas, and addresses key research targets of industry, as well as those of the University and our Beacons of Excellence.




Our funding

Guided by EPSRC recommendations, and aligned with national best practice, Nottingham’s EPSRC DTP funding is used to promote innovative research and develop research teams both within and beyond the University. We aim to develop long-term, meaningful industrial partnerships, using studentship funds to leverage cross-disciplinary and industrial support.  


CASE Studentships
These studentships promote user engagement and high-impact research by encouraging links with key industrial users. We prioritise allocation to early career researchers to support the development of long-term relationships with industry.
Thematic Research studentships 
Thematic Research studentships are delivered via cohorts aligned to RCUK and University of Nottingham priorities, particularly our Beacons of Research Excellence.
Doctoral prizes
Doctoral prizes reward excellent students in their transition to academic or industrial careers; emphasising the development of independence and maximum impact delivery.
Vocation bursaries
Vacation bursaries support high achieving undergraduates to gain experience of cutting edge research through paid summer placements, to encourage them to consider postgraduate research careers and broadening access to and supporting diversity in our STEM research.
Fundamental Research studentships
Fundamental Research studentships focus on fundamental subjects and underlying blue skies research, leading to pioneering ideas that underpin future innovations.




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