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Chip based,atomic surface probe                               The University of Nottingham


With the aim of reaching an entirely new parameter Chip-basedatomicregime, atom chips incorporating  ultra thin membranes (fabricated in collaboration with IBM partner) will be built into a BEC experiment. Near the membrane (SiN or other materials), Casimir-Polder surfaceattraction will be significantly reduced with respect to the bulk. Ultracold Rb-87 samples will be used initially to probe and quantify this effect microscopically. Later, the microscope technique will be further developed, so that it can be employed to microscopically image magnetic field patterns emerging from structured (using IBM’s nanostencil technique) membranes coated with thin magnetic films or semiconductor based quantum electronic components.


QTea coordination:

School of Physics & Astronomy, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK