Ion Explorer



Developers: Dr Tom Giles, Dr Priya Ramakrishna and Prof. David E. Salt

Ion Explorer provides the mineral nutrient and trace element concentration (ionome) of leaves and seed of 1,135 accessions of  Arabidopsis thaliana grown in soil under controlled environmental condition. The location where each accessions was collected in its native habitat is shown on the map, and the associated leaf and seed ionome can be explored using search and plotting tools.  For a full description of the data set and tool see Campos et al (2021)

All 1,135 A. thaliana accessions have had their genomes fully sequenced as part of the 1001 genome project

By linking to this tool, developed by Future Food Beacon researchers, we hope to accelerate A. thaliana research into plant mineral nutrient homeostasis and adaptation to different soil types.


Funded by the BBSRC and the University of Nottingham Future Food Beacon of Excellence

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