Thank you for your interest. Future Food Beacon closed in July 2023 and these pages will not be further updated. We thank all those involved in making the Beacon a success. The University of Nottingham Food Systems Institute launched in Aug 2023 please visit their webpages for more information.

Why Future Food?

Because whether we like it or not, food supply and security is a global, national and local issue. 

By 2050 climate change will hit current food production by up to 34%, when there will be 2 billion more mouths to feed. Agriculture is a major factor in climate change, producing over one-third of human-made emissions. This means we need to rethink food.

The Future Food Beacon brings together researchers, producers, consumers and governments. The innovative approaches being developed in the Future Food Beacon have the potential to shorten the time it takes to move fundamental research into real-world action. However, to do this we need to influence policy, as well as advancing research.

This is not just useful; it is essential in the face of the global challenge of securing a healthy, sustainable supply of food against a backdrop of climate change.

Read our Why Future Food? policy briefing document  




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