Thank you for your interest. Future Food Beacon closed in July 2023 and these pages will not be further updated. We thank all those involved in making the Beacon a success. The University of Nottingham Food Systems Institute launched in Aug 2023 please visit their webpages for more information.

Nottingham Good Food Festival 2019

Photo by Marsha Smith

The Future Food Beacon was the principal sponsor of Nottingham Good Food Partnership’s ‘Nottingham Good Food Festival’ (NGFF) from June-October 2019. As Nottingham's first neighbourhood food growing festival, it aimed to engage the public to show them what they can grow, and to connect them with the Nottingham Growing Network.

The festival featured workshops, talks, music, local food vendors and community growing spaces at events spread over five months. Overall, 800 people attended and 8 community gardens and 10 community outreach groups participated. 120 local people were persuaded to participate in the Nottingham Good Living Citizen's Survey.

Nottingham Good Food Partnership is a Sustainable Food Cities Network Member. The festival delivered on 5 out of 6 of Sustainable Food Cities’ key environmental issues.



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