Thank you for your interest. Future Food Beacon closed in July 2023 and these pages will not be further updated. We thank all those involved in making the Beacon a success. The University of Nottingham Food Systems Institute launched in Aug 2023 please visit their webpages for more information.

How can we deliver a healthy, sustainable, carbon-neutral UK food supply?

The UK is impacted by global population growth and cuts to global food production caused by climate change. Covid-19 has further exposed the fragility of our food system. The UK must adapt to these challenges and our research addresses the distortions and imbalances in the food system.

The Future Food Beacon participated in Sense About Science’s Evidence Week 2020 and presented its policy recommendations to MPs via the videos and documents below.

Our four policy recommendations in brief

1. Create a national food systems innovation hub to match the ‘moonshot’ ambition in the government’s R&D roadmap

2. Connect people with the food they eat through new technologies, such as apps

3. Tackle food waste by actively supporting and rewarding social eating and food sharing initiatives

4. Incentivise the use of sustainable animal feed made from alternative sources of protein

Find out more in our video, infographic, animation and policy document



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