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Working with companies to bring innovative solutions to the healthcare and nutrition sectors with pioneering imaging.

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Our expertise in precision imaging is underpinned by world leading experts in medicine, physics, mathematics, psychology, life sciences and computer science. The Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre and the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre offer a great diversity of skills to identify and implement solutions to your problems and needs.

Innovations in the application of our imaging tools are shaping a step-change in understanding, diagnosis and prediction of outcomes focusing on mental health and chronic diseases.

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Engagement and collaboration between University researchers and industrial partners provides many benefits. For the University investigators, the benefits may include developing new research questions with real-world applications...For the industrial partners, the benefits may include developing imaging solutions to their problems, improved business performance, access to specialist academic knowledge and research equipment.

              - Dr Luca Marciani



We work with the pharmaceutical industry to demonstrate mode of action, assess product performance in vivo and generate evidence of efficacy to aid development, marketing and regulatory submissions. We also develop new surrogate imaging biomarkers to assess drug efficacy from early to late clinical trials.

Collaborations with the pharmaceuticals industry

  • Imaged the heart’s response to dialysis treatments, and studied cardiac and renal response to fluid therapy
  • Assessed changes using multiparametric liver MRI following therapy with direct-acting antivirals inchronic hepatitis C virus patients
  • Studied the mode of action and efficacy of different dosing regimes of a novel 5HT4 agonist active, anti-diarrhoeal drugs and macrogol formulations
  • Imaged deployment and performance of different alginate formulations for heartburn and laxative products

Food and beverage

We work with the food and beverage industry to image new pre-competitive materials and finished products in vivo in the gastrointestinal tract. This helps commercial partners to understand and demonstrate mode of action, assess product performance and generate evidence for marketing and regulatory submissions.

Collaborations with the food and beverage industry

  • Demonstrated self assembly of gelling hydrocolloid materials in the stomach
  • Demonstrated the mode of action of products for digestive comfort
  • Provided proof of survival of aerated drinks for weight management
  • Highlighted the mode of action of performance sport drinks
  • Used functional MRI brain imaging to study food eating and sensory perception, and taster phenotype

Medical devices

We continue Nottingham’s tradition of innovation by working with small and medium-sized enterprises to develop new medical devices. We help companies to guide the development, assess performance, demonstrate deployment and investigate mode of action of novel devices and formulations.

Collaborations with the medical device industry

  • Producing new MRI marker capsules to measure gastrointestinal transit in children with constipation
  • Used our imaging techniques to demonstrate deployment of gastroretentive devices inside the human stomach

Biomarkers for health

We develop imaging biomarkers available for precision medicine ranging from population health and diagnostic to predictive outcome markers, for example:

  • Fibrosis markers in liver and kidney disease
  • Markers to track Parkinson’s Disease
  • Preclinical markers of neurodegenerative diseases

Other body and brain imaging work

  • We carry out leading work including lung, kidney, liver and MSK diseases
  • We are developing imaging methods for the prediction of chronic kidney disease
  • We develop unique experimental neuroimaging for clinical neuroimaging and mental health leading the first imaging connectivity-guided and neuromodulation trial in treatment resistant depression.


All our whole-body scanning facilities are managed by the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre and dedicated to supporting research full time. The University of Nottingham has the facilities to suit your needs:

  • Suite of MRI from 0.5-7T with access to intraoperative MRI and in-scanner exercise
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Hyperpolarisation facilities (Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation)
  • Gamma scintigraphy
  • Multimodal preclinical imaging facilities
  • New generation of Magnetoencephalography (MEG) with increased sensitivity, where brain activity can be recorded in a naturalistic environment.

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