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We want to achieve a new medical era where every individual will receive the right test at the right time for a timely diagnosis and a personalised medical treatment plan. Nottingham has led the world in developing the technology for this vision, the MRI.

The PI Beacon's interdisciplinary and clinically focused research approach enables the development of large interdisciplinary programmes to address the challenges of successful translational to patient benefit such as e.g. the development of innovative treatments for chronic brain disorders.

Our projects span three translational stages (discovery, transformative diagnosis and stratified treatment) and build on four areas of expertise (next generation biomedical scanners, computational imaging, physiological and metabolic imaging and clinical brain connectomics). 

Our translational programme is grounded in a mechanistic approach to stratifying patient care, based on the biological processes underlying diseases and their clinical manifestations (‘biotyping’).

Close integration of the various project strands is critical to achieve a step change in clinical translation. Importantly, we nurture a culture of clinician - scientist interaction and project co-creation that allows to feed unmet diagnostic and therapeutic needs back to the innovation and discovery pipelines. 



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