Stephen Coombes

Professor of Applied Mathematics


I have a degree in Theoretical Physics, a PhD in Neurocomputing, and am now a Professor of Applied Mathematics, working in Mathematical Neuroscience. My research interest is in the use of nonlinear dynamics to understand aspects of the human central nervous system. 

I am actively championing this new field of mathematics at the national and international level, co-ordinating a UK network on Mathematical Neuroscience, co-creating the new Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience, and previously directing a Marie Curie Initial Training Network on Neural Engineering.  

My current work with the Beacon includes the development of mathematical models to complement the work of the MEG group, led by Dr Matt Brookes, studying the phenomenon of beta-rebound. 

I am also developing new dynamical models of neural tissue with connectome data describing the anatomical structure of individual brains, to gain a perspective on whole brain dynamics.  A current use of the model is for in-silico experiments to help improve the design of transcranial magnetic stimulation protocols for the treatment of mental health conditions. 


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