lauren eglen

Lauren Eglen

Rights Lab Research Fellow in Modern Slavery, Gender and Feminist Approaches


Dr Lauren Eglen works as part of the Rights Lab’s Law and Policy programme. With a research background in the history of race, gender, and social movements, she takes an intersectional feminist approach to her research on modern slavery and human trafficking. Lauren is interested in feminist activism against modern slavery and all forms of VAWG, how gender inequality intersects with other global challenges to shape experiences of modern slavery, and the use of participatory research methods. At the Rights Lab she has worked to build our database of modern slavery survivor narratives: Voices, and has worked on research projects on forced marriage, and survivor empowerment through participatory artistic methods. She has also worked with leading national charity Karma Nirvana to create a new national working definition of honour based abuse.

Research Projects

I Didn't Want to Get Married: Using Zines to Increase Understanding About the 'Honour'-Based Abuse, Forced Marriage, and Modern Slavery Relationship

Skills Will Not Just Help Us Survive, They Will Help Us Thrive: Building Capacity for Survivor Leadership through Participatory Art

Using Survivor Narratives and Storytelling to Ethically Influence Public Policy and Empower Survivors


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