Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown

PhD Student and Rights Lab Research Fellow in Law and Policy


Rebecca is a PhD student in Politics and International Relations. Her PhD project explores the political journey behind the passage of Modern Slavery Acts in the UK and Australia. This research aims to offer a unique international, comparative perspective not yet evident in existing scholarship with a view to aid policymakers in better understanding the contextual conditions and processes that enable or restrict the passage of human rights legislation.

Her research background is in modern slavery and human trafficking policy, and she works part-time as a Research Fellow in the Law and Policy Programme. Rebecca has researched issues such as forced marriage (in collaboration with Karma Nirvana); policing human trafficking (in collaboration with the former UK Antislavery Commissioner); the cost of forced labour (in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation); and she is currently researching the experience and motivations behind why members of the British public chose to host Ukrainians fleeing war (in collaboration with Hope at Home).


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