Understanding the Working Conditions of Western, Central Pacific Ocean Fisheries Observers: A Baseline Survey

Ecosystems and the Environment


Funder: University of Nottingham Research Fellowship
Duration: August 2020-August 2021
Programme: Ecosystems and the Environment
Project Lead: Dr Jessica Sparks
Partner: Human Rights at Sea

About the project

This is a joint project, conducted in partnership with Human Rights at Sea, on the working conditions of western, central Pacific Ocean fisheries observers. In 2017, the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) adopted minimum safety, security, and welfare standards for fisheries observers. However, following the death of Kiribati observer Eritara Aati Kaieru, there have been concerns that 1) these minimum standards are not being met, and 2) that there is a need for minimum standards in other western, central Pacific Ocean fisheries not governed by the WCPFC. Thus, we are conducting an online, anonymous survey to understand the predeparture (e.g., contract and or employment arrangements), on board, and post-trip experiences (e.g., debriefing and reporting mechanisms) that are associated with the violation of fisheries observers' labor rights.

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