A fully immersive VR experience transporting people back in time

In late August 1839, just eight months after the first announcement of the invention of photography, William Henry Fox Talbot mounted 92 photogenic drawings in one of the first ever public displays. The exhibition – Illustrations of Manufacturers, Inventions and Models was staged at King Edwards School in Birmingham by the British Association for the advancement of science. Many of photographs featured in the exhibition have since faded beyond recognition, with others too delicate to be shown in daylight.  

Nottingham artist Mat Collishaw worked with the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham to incorporate the latest in VR technology into Thresholds – a fully immersive portal to the past, allowing visitors to walk through a digitally reconstructed pure white room and touch bespoke vitrines, fixtures & mouldings, and even experience the heat from a coal fire. 

Following an extensive tour which included venues across the UK and Europe, Mat is now showcasing Thresholds at an exhibition of his work at Lakeside Arts (13 March - 7 June), and the Smart Products Beacon is delighted to support this activity. 

This exhibition is currently closed due to coronavirus.






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