Co-bot Maker Space

A facility for research & education

Considering the technological progress within robotics and consumer electronics, encountering cobots as part of our everyday life is a certainity.

The Co-bot Maker Space has been developed with a combination of Smart Products Beacon and strategic EPSRC funding and is a facility for research and education on the topic of productivity enhancing robotics and AI. It offers researchers the ability to conduct world-leading research in designing and evaluating new ways of collaboration between humans and productivity-enhancing robots or interactive AI systems, and allow educators to demonstrate how such interactive cyber-physical systems are made and used.

The space consists of 4 readily configurable labs to provide flexibility to create and tailor environments and is equipped with mobile robots and state of the art human sensing technologies for prototyping and assembling novel devices.

The main lab houses a variety of robots, including service robots Robin and Spot. Also available are Franka arms, a UV disinfection robot, a UR3E robot arm with grippers, reconfigurable cameras with audio recording, and biometric sensing facilities. The workshop area is equipped with a 3D printer, soldering facilities and a vast range of tools.

A Living Space has been set up to resemble a standard home environment where a variety of digitally enhanced products can be deployed and exploration and interaction between people and intelligent systems can take place.

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