Guidance for managers

Helping you support your staff who have taken on demanding volunteering or secondment roles.

You may receive requests from staff or PhD students who wish to take secondment or volunteering opportunities to support the national and local efforts to tackle Covid-19. 

Approving requests to volunteer

The University is committed to helping tackle Covid-19 in whatever ways it can, and you should operate with a presumption in favour of granting requests where possible. 

You will need to consider the impact of a request on teaching and assessment, research commitments, and the delivery of other essential business. You will have the right to refuse or suggest a different approach if appropriate, except for applicants to the Government's Emergency Volunteer Scheme.

There will be staff with expertise and knowledge that might be better used to fight Covid-19 in other ways, for example, people with relevant medical, clinical or technical skills for treatment and testing. If you think there could be a better opportunity for your applicant to support the national effort, please email this inbox and we will aim to respond within 48 hours.

Supporting your staff on secondment

It is likely secondments will be stressful and demanding roles, so as a line manager, we would like you to keep in touch with staff. We have compiled some general resources and advice, along with an e-learning resource to help you support the wellbeing of NHS staff and student volunteers. 




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