Trusted Research and Knowledge Exchange


Trusted Research and Knowledge Exchange enables security in international collaboration.

It ensures research and knowledge exchange activities are fully protected. 



Trusted Research:

  1. allows the identification and management of potential risks to research and knowledge exchange activities
  2. helps researchers, UK universities and industry partners to have confidence in international collaboration and make informed decisions around those potential risks
  3. explains how to protect research and staff from potential theft, misuse or exploitati
  4. encompasses:
    • research security
    • intellectual property
    • export control compliance
    • due diligence on potential collaborators and partners
    • legal and regulatory compliance
    • ethical and integrity considerations


Trusted Research applies to anyone who has international collaborations. It is particularly relevant to researchers in:

  1. STEM subjects
  2. dual-use technologies
  3. emerging technologies
  4. commercially sensitive research areas


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If you are currently a research colleague at the university, you can access guidance and training materials in our Trusted Research toolkit. This guidance includes videos from the Cabinet Office of relevant case studies.


Access the Trusted Research toolkit >


All resources are available to current university staff only.

Before you undertake any research or knowledge exchange activity that involves international partners or collaborators, you must:

  1. read the contents of the Trusted Research toolkit
  2. complete the project notification form as soon as possible

Once the project notification form is submitted, the Trusted Research team will review all information, and:

  1. assess each international party for potential reputational and regulatory implications and financial risks, in light of the planned activities
  2. assess whether the activities fall under the Export Controls, NSI Act and the Nagoya Protocol remit
  3. liaise with and/or direct you to other legal, regulatory or university services (e.g. contracts, IP and commercialisation, Heads of Department and Pro-Vice Chancellors etc.) as needed
  4. advise on the best route of escalation to ensure university support


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Contact the Trusted Research team

Email to get in touch.


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We acknowledge the Trusted Research Guidance for Academia in developing our processes.


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