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Research Summary

I am currently a PhD Manufacturing Engineering student at the University of Nottingham, supervised by Professor Richard Leach and Dr Lewis Newton.

This project will involve cross-disciplinary research from two related sciences: Psychology (Visual Perception, Colour perception, Visual Psychophysics) and Engineering (Physical aspects of paint and surfaces, Surface metrology). We will be researching links between human visual perception and the physical aspects of paint and coatings (such as texture and colour), using a variety of psychophysical and surface measurement methods.

More information about my PhD project can be found here:

Past Research

Prior to this, I was a Psychology postgraduate researcher at Durham University, specialising in colour vision, colour perception and colour constancy. I was supervised by Dr. Maria Olkkonen and Dr. Ulrik Beierholm for my Masters' research project, which investigated colour constancy in colour vision deficient observers. My undergraduate project, also at Durham, focused on measuring colour constancy under time constraints, and was supervised by Professor Robert Kentridge. My research experience involves conducting experiments in visual perception using a variety of visual psychophysical methods, primarily involving colour constancy (investigating how our perception of material colour changes under different illuminants).

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