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Odontogrammetry University of Arkansas visit

On the 20th of August, Danny Sims-Waterhouse visited Prof. Peter Ungar at the University of Arkansas Anthropology Department. The purpose of the visit was to deliver a portable photogrammetry system, developed by the Manufacturing Metrology Team, for the digitisation of mammalian teeth. The photogrammetry system was developed for the measurement of teeth on massively different scales: from mice to mastodon. As can be seen in the figure, the differences in scale are significant, making a conventional measurement system unsuitable.

The system was developed to be highly portable in order to be easily transported to any location in the world in carry-on luggage. Prof. Peter Ungar plans to use the system in order to develop an “Atlas” of mammalian teeth by digitising the teeth of a large range of mammals. This data will then allow Prof. Ungar to verify the hypothesis that generalised patterns of adaptability exist in the mammalian dentition.

Odontogrammetry University of Arkansas visit_1
Old Main, location of the UARK Anthropology Department


Odontogrammetry University of Arkansas visit_2
A Mastadon jaw (left) next to a mouse jaw (right)


Odontogrammetry University of Arkansas visit_3
Fossilised jaw on the measurement system


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