Manufacturing Metrology Team

Development of non-contact methods for measuring the outside geometry of AM parts

Start: October 2015
Student: Patrick Bointon
Supervisors:  Richard Leach, Petros Stavroulakis
Funding: Ultra-Precision CDT 

A system utilising new optical methods will be developed for measuring the complex surface features on additive manufactured parts. The research will require optical instrument research and development, as well as an investigation and comparison of current commercially available measurement systems used for this purpose.

A thorough review and comparison of current coded structured light (CSL) techniques will be carried out. The designed system will aim to achieve measurement volumes of a cube of up to 750 mm sides, to accuracies approaching 5 µm. The accuracy and effectiveness of our designed system will be analysed and compared with current commercial CSL and contact systems.

Techniques to be considered include fringe projection and triangulation. A number of industrial case study components will be measured using the techniques to demonstrate their performance with different geometries, materials and surface textures.


Industrial case studies for develoment of fringe-projection based non-contact metrology instrument to measure outside geometry of AM parts.

Manufacturing Metrology Team

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