All in! Regularising ethnic presence in the curriculum

Useful Resources

Black Studies in UK Universities and Colleges

This map offers a sample of Black Studies programmes available at UK Universities and Colleges.


 Decolonising the Curriculum: Centres, Institutions and Associations

A list that identifies and summarises the work of dedicated UK higher education centres, institutions and associations that are involved in research and teaching on subjects relating to colonisation, post-colonialism, the Global South and decolonisation.



Decolonising the Curriculum: Definitions and Interpretations

A small selection of quotations which seek to define and interpret what is meant by decolonising curricula. 



Diversity and Decolonisation Resource List

The Diversity and decolonisation resource list has been compiled and is updated on a regular basis by the All in! team. The resource list contains readings and other resources on decolonisation, diversity, equality and racism


 The White-BAME Attaintment/Awarding Gap

A list of recent research, policy and practice documents available online relating to the subject of white-BAME attainment/awarding gap. 



 Top Tips: Decolonising Curricula 

Some 'top tips' about decolonising the curriculum.



UK Higher Education Decolonisation Initiatives

This map highlights a cross-section of decolonisation ideas, initiatives, developments and practices in or relating to the UK higher education sector.





All in! Regularising ethnic presence in the curriculum

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