Allergy and Infectious Diseases

The Falcone Lab Philosophy

We are committed to improving human health while minimising the impact of our research on the environment and animal life.

Most of all, we value diversity and equality. We treat each other with equal respect, irrespective of our gender, sexual orientation, cultural, ethnic, religious or culinary backgrounds. We believe that the best results can be achieved by working together. We strive to achieve the best possible balance between advancing our own projects, our personal careers and aspirations, and working together as a team on a common set of goals. In other words our maxim is: 'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together'.

Scientific research is a costly endeavour and as such we have an ethical obligation to make sure than none of the funds available to us are wasted. Therefore, any research performed in our laboratory has to fully comply with our University’s Code of Research Ethics. Needless to say, we have zero tolerance for any unethical approach to research, whether this is plagiarism, or outright scientific fraud (data fabrication or ‘massaging’). This zero tolerance also extends to other unethical attitudes, such as sabotaging other people’s work, mislabelling, hiding, or stealing reagents, giving inaccurate information on purpose, or any other unpleasant variant of human behaviour, no matter what the motives driving such actions might be.

There is an obligation towards the taxpayer who is funding our work to make sure that experimental data are collected with the best possible care and that results, reagents, equipment and other resources are kept in clean and workable condition and also made available to others.

We don’t believe in micromanaging work hours and members of the lab are free to come and leave when they want (within reason), but a high degree of professionalism and commitment is requested from all lab members. In practice, we are all spending a considerable part of our lives working together in the lab, thus we have to ensure that this happens in happiness and without constraints. Conflicts are to be openly discussed and solved before they are allowed to escalate.

If you agree with all these values and principles, you are welcome to join us - please follow the link below to apply on-line:

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Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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