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Dinosaur films

 I think The University of Nottingham has a great achievement here, from which we also learnt some new ways of curation.


Whether you're a museum curator looking for inspiration, an architectural researcher or simply a dinosaur fan, these films explain the story of the Dinosaurs of China exhibit.

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The curation of this special dinosaur exhibition, featuring the feathered dinosaurs, was based on the research principles of:

  • Museum interpretation and storytelling through the medium of expressive architectural environments
  • From ‘hands-on’ to ‘minds-on’: Experiential learning through the fully embodied engagement of the museum visitors’ movement
  • Reclaiming/adaptive re-use of redundant buildings to create narratives of old and new functions

Dr Wang Qi had identified Wollaton Hall as a unique place with a space and existing collection what would provide the best venue and location to tell the story of the relationship between Birds and Dinosaurs; the spatial narrative was critical to the story.

These films explore the exhibition and what can be learned from it.

Richard Forest, Paleontologist provides expert reactions to the Dinosaur exhibit

This short piece explains what sector experts thought of how the research translated into the exhibition space.

“If I was ever doing anything with an element of public appeal or public outreach then I would definitely think about the way this exhibition has been set up”

Publics reaction on the China of Dinosaurs event

This film explains how the public found the design of exhibition and its impact on them.

“It’s really nicely set out like there is a proper story going through it…. the different eras and the evolution… It was really fascinating and we spent a long time going through and it’s wonderful you learn so much”

Wang Qi research inspired the exhibition, and in this film he walks you through its key features.

A delegation from China explains how the exhibition presented their fossils and specimens in a different way, using the research principles.


Timelapse videos

A five day timelapse build of a Mamaenchisaurus, at Wollaton Hall. Funded by the Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham with thanks to Nottingham City Council.
Building a Chinasaurs as part of the Dinosaurs of China event at the Lakeside Arts Gallery, University of Nottingham.



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