Architecture, Culture and Tectonics Research Group
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Research in this area is focused on the design, modelling and manufacturing challenges of building systems based on advanced digital form-finding and modelling techniques. The research group is based on a multidisciplinary approach with competences which range from material specifications to structural design and from 3D digital tools to 1:1 scale physical prototyping based on 3D printers, 5-axis robots and computerised cutting tables.  

Tectonics research area



Recent projects

  • 3D scans of existing buildings and physical models
  • Temporary structures based on coated fabrics and foils
  • Environmental performance of ETFE and lightweight envelopes
  • Deployable Structures
  • Parametric design with Rhino Grasshopper
  • Interactive architectures based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • Bending-active structures and building components

View our video below to find out about our tectonics research.

Dr Paolo Beccarelli, discussing Tectonics research within the ACT research group.

Architecture, Culture and Tectonics

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