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John Ramsay

Assistant Professor, Architecture and Tectonics, Faculty of Engineering



John is a part of the Architecture, Culture and Tectonics (ACT) Research Group.

Research Summary

Design as Research: I am currently in the process of setting the SBE live projects office, Praxis:Nottingham

Reflective Practice: I am currently gathering material for a book on the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh. This will look at the process from concept, via mock-up and material selection, to component, assembly and incorporation in the building. The aim is to view the building tectonically, to develop an insight into how the plastic shift from ideas to things occurs in a complex design subject to many external influences.

I would welcome any suggestions and contacts within the publishing industry.

Recent Publications

Future Research

Pedagogy: I am drafting a paper on the application of praxis in architectural education, based on the premise that architectural practice encompasses the broad spectrum of human experience, while architectural pedagogy is hampered by the practical, economic, legal and temporal difficulties of exposing large numbers of students to the live tectonic aspect of the profession they are training for.

Other interests: bringing expertise from experience in practice, I am interested in developing non-intrusive design methods and technical solutions for protecting public buildings from the effects of bomb blast and other violent/destructive interventions.

I welcome enquiries from potential PhD candidates from Home, EU and international countries who are interested in the following research areas: Setting the Sustainable Build Environment live projects office, building tectonically, complex design, developing non-intrusive design methods

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