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The Faculty of Engineering's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) team has been created to support staff and students and make sure they feel valued.

The team's mission is to encourage everyone to recognise their full potential in order to lead themselves to success. They are working closely with people across the University to achieve this and will be running events throughout the year.

If you have any thoughts about how to make the Faculty a better place to work, please get in touch with Faculty EDI Officer, Angela Aston.


Meet the team

SKSam Kingman
EDI Chair

LRLeah Ridgway
EDI Co-Chair

Angela Aston
EDI Officer


The Faculty of Engineering has an EDI committee made up of members who work to:

  • Promote diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Support all students and staff to excel
  • Develop a culture and working environment that encourages people to challenge themselves and others openly, constructively, and with respect – to raise the quality of all we do together.

Vision statement

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The EDI's vision statement lies at the heart of the work they do:

“To create a faculty culture of equality, diversity and inclusion, where these values are fully embraced and where all students and staff are made to feel valued and who work in an environment of mutual respect.”



Health and wellbeing is important to ensure staff and students have a positive experience in the work place and reach their full potential.

As well as accessing University sports facilities, including the new £40 million David Ross Sports Centre, faculty staff can now book on to weekly activities using the new Juice Hub.

SPHERE Challenge

The Faculty of Engineering has chosen to focus on promoting trans inclusion culminating in an event to be held on 31st March 2020, to celebrate The International Trans Day of Visibility.



Staff training sessions

In addition to the University’s training provision, the Faculty of Engineering runs unconscious bias sessions. 

Please choose a session and follow this link to book a place.


If you would like to discuss any EDI matters, please contact any member of the EDI committee.  If you have any issues or concerns please contact a Dignity Advisor

For more information or to share your thoughts, please email Angela Aston or call 0115 951 3951.


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