Dignity at Nottingham Policy

Dignity advisers within the Nottingham network

The University of Nottingham has a network of Dignity Advisers who are available to provide impartial and confidential advice to support staff and students who have issues or concerns regarding harassment, bullying or victimisation.

Dignity Advisers are trained members of staff who volunteer from a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines and roles to help facilitate and support resolution within the framework of the Dignity at Nottingham policy to protect staff and students against harassment, bullying or victimisation. They are available to support staff and students on University premises during working hours.

How can a dignity adviser help?

  • Provide a first point of contact for staff or students who believe that they have been subject to/or are accused of harassment, bullying or victimisation and listen to their concerns/issues through face-to-face meetings, email or telephone.
  • Advisers are available to assist both the complainant and person accused, but this would not be within the same case.
  • Help staff or students to analyse the problem they face and explore the options available to them in cases where they believe that they have been subject to/or accused of harassment, bullying or victimisation and assist them in forming a plan of action.
  • Guide staff or students to information about relevant policies and sources of support and advice in relation to their issue, including referring cases to a Faculty/Department Mediator.
  • Accompany staff or students at informal meetings in a supportive capacity, if required, or accompany staff to formal meetings as their workplace colleague, where this is provided for under University policies. 

Please note that to avoid conflicts of interest, Dignity Advisers will be unable to provide support to individuals within their own area of work, or make decisions and mediate for the individual seeking advice.

While Dignity Advisers do not provide direct counselling services, the University Counselling Service provides students and staff with a full range of services including individual counselling, group sessions, workshops and self-help resources.




Last edited Feb 19, 2024