Dignity at Nottingham Policy


Staff and Student Policy on Harassment, Bullying and Victimisation.

The Dignity within the University policy is aimed at engendering a positive workplace and learning environment. Individuals should have the confidence to complain in the knowledge that their concerns will be dealt with appropriately and fairly.

This policy outlines procedures to be followed if anyone at the University feels they are being harassed, bullied or victimised. Its principles apply to all staff, students, associates and any contractors working on campus. 

Supporting the policy is a network of Dignity Advisors, who work on all UK campuses and come from a wide range of disciplines/roles. Dignity Advisors are approachable colleagues who offer a well-informed listening ear to staff and students who feel they are being bullied or harassed, and who want to help to resolve their situation, often informally. Advisors actively listen to your issues, investigate your options openly, and help you to form a plan of action. Please note that Advisors cannot take on sole responsibility for solving your issue, however they may be able to help you talk with those who are involved.

Dignity Advisors use the University’s Dignity policy, which is designed to help make the University an environment where harassment, bullying and victimisation are seen as unacceptable, and to give individuals support and confidence.

Dignity Advisors can help with a whole range of issues - for example, if you are a member of staff or a student having problems with:

  • feeling bullied by a student or a member of staff
  • feeling bullied by one or more members of a team you belong to
  • being teased or picked on because of a personal characteristic (age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability)
  • physical or verbal abuse (including electronically)
  • Being excluded from work or social activities which you feel you should normally be involved in, and which you think is unfair

It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to issue this to all staff. Heads of School/Departments must make sure that their staff have received awareness training and understand the context of this policy. The Director of Student Operations and Support will ensure this policy is referred to within the relevant student publications.

All employees and students involved in the harassment and bullying complaints procedure and/or the investigation process are required to respect the need for confidentiality. We will keep information confidential if it has been given in confidence, however, there may be cases where information provided is of a serious nature and we are under obligation to use this information in order that we fully discharge our duty of care.


Dignity at Nottingham Policy

[Effective from 1 August 2013; last updated July 2019]

Dignity at Nottingham Network (DANN)

Last edited Jul 02, 2019