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A guide to the Code of Discipline

The Code of Discipline for Students is in place to ensure that good standards of communal life are maintained at the University of Nottingham. By registering at the University you have agreed to comply with this code and are expected to:

  • show respect for all members and property of the University and wider community
  • behave in a manner that does not interfere with the proper functioning and activities of the University

If a student has failed to meet our expected standards, the Code of Discipline will be instigated.

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Read the Code of Discipline for Students


Unacceptable behaviour

The following is a non-exhaustive list of examples of behaviours that would invoke the Code of Discipline:

  • Abusive or offensive behaviour, including harassment, bullying and victimisation
  • Committing a criminal offence on University premises, during University activities, or which may bring the University into disrepute
  • Causing disruption or disturbance in the local community, including neglect of property
  • The unauthorised use, misuse, damage or taking of property belonging to the University or University community, including unauthorised entry
  • The obstruction of University activities, functions or duties, whether academic, administrative, sporting or social
  • The threat or use of physical violence, or the act of intimidation or hostility
  • Breaching a University regulation, procedure or policy, or failing to comply with a penalty
  • Sexual misconduct 

Disciplinary action

If a student has found to have failed to meet behavioural expectations, any of the following sanctions may be employed in accordance with the Student Code of Discipline:

  • Conditions on remaining time at the University (such as limiting access to specific activities or parts of the University)
  • Compensation for damage caused
  • Monetary fine (including an on-the-spot fine of up to £1,500)
  • Formal warning
  • Suspension from the University
  • Expulsion from the University

You are responsible for making yourself familiar with the Code of Discipline for Students and all policies and regulations applicable to you. 

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